Lil Baddits range of clothes has been considered from seed to store. Our range has been created with the upmost respect for the environment and the world that our kids are going to inherit. Our products are crafted using

- CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON - We use only premium 100% G.O.T.S ( Global Organic Textile Standard) organic cotton. This is the gold standard for not only organic, chemical free cotton but also for the ethical and sustainable production of goods.

- FREE FROM HARMFUL TOXINS, DYES OR PESTICIDES found in many other children’s textiles. This means they are hypoallergenic and good for sensitive skin.

- PLASTIC FREE from production to store. Meaning, they have not been put in loads of single use plastic bags without you knowing! 

- UNISEX -  I have designed the styles and patterns in the range to be worn by anyone and everyone.... that's little.

- ECO FRIENDLY - Our packaging, swing tags and catalogues are all made from Recycled paper. The packaging I have sourced for shipment to webstore customers is all biodegradable bubble bags.

- HAND DRAWN ILLUSTRATIONS - All of our prints are my unique hand drawn watercolour prints.

- DESIGNED IN AUSTRALIA - All of our range is designed right here in Australia on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.



Inspired by our children's boundless imaginations and love affair with food, Lil Baddits is a luxury range of unisex clothing for kids who just want to be kids.

Let’s face it, how long can you wear pickles on your pants?!

Featuring original hand drawn watercolour prints that bring to life the fun and spontaneity of being a kid – from the pop of the pickle jar to the tang of the tomato sauce, it's all about experiencing life again through our children's eyes.



Coming from a family of talented creators and having worked in wholesale for almost 17 years for a range of brands doing everything from Graphic Design to Sales and Product Development, it's in my bones to want to do something creative.

I wanted to make something beautiful and fun that didn't add to the world's existing issues generated by fast fashion. I also wanted to make sure that this product was the best possible product I could with the money and information I had at the time.

I really look forward to learning more and coming across exciting people and brands that are also on the same journey so I can evolve this product even further.

So, here we are, following my creative DNA and working hard to make my Big Dream a reality.

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