Certified G.O.T.S organic cotton is the gold standard in organic cotton and guarantees you all the benefits of an organic product from seed to store.


Other than the fact that certified organic cotton is a so beautifully soft and luxurious it has many other features that you should know about:

- Free from pesticides and toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and other potentially dangerous chemicals.

- Highly absorbent and breathable fibre

- Gentle on the environment

- Sustainable product

- Highly durable

- Socially responsible

Check out this short clip that explains why supporting brands that use organic cotton is so important.




Over the years I have worked in wholesale I have noticed some seriously concerning practices. One of the most concerning is the use of 'Polybags' or single use plastic bags. These plastic bags are wrapped around almost every product that is imported. They protect the goods in shipping and delivery to store and are cheap to produce. Most of the time the cost of these bags is built into the cost of the goods. The problem, well there's a lot of problems with this. 

1) It's easy for manufacturers and wholesalers to just keep using them and not have to consider alternatives.

2) They're cheap

3) They actually do a good job in protecting the product



Let's look at the REAL cost of using these plastic bags:

1) PLASTIC IS FOREVER - They don't break down, they end up poisoning us and the world one way or another, whether that's in our waterways, landfill or ingesting it as it breaks down into tiny particles.

2) IT'S NOT SUSTAINABLE - The amount of plastic we are using every year has to stop, we simply can not continue consuming this much resources in order to produce this dangerous product.

3) IT'S JUST LAZY - Every brand out there is actually capable of taking the time to look at alternatives to the plastic that is used in their products or in production. Let's support the ones that do take the time to do this for us and our planet.

4) IT'S TOXIC - It's no secret that there are many different types of plastics out there that can be a contributor of many fatal diseases. I believe any reduction in the amount of plastics used around our children is a good thing.

Here is a great short clip on the issues the world is facing with plastic pollution : 




With all of this information at hand about single use plastics I made a commitment to putting the time and effort into looking at alternative solutions to this plastic bag issue.

It can be expensive to use alternative products instead of plastic, but I looked at the overall added benefits to spending this initial amount and look at it as a donation into our health, the planet's health and an investment into all of our futures.

I hope you like what we have chosen and I look forward to developing my product further as I learn more and more about how we can make a change.


* Please get in contact with me if you have any ideas, suggestions or information on how we can improve our products further or if we can get involved in any projects you are working on!   



All Lil Baddits styles and prints is designed right here in Australia by me! That means when you're purchasing a Lil Baddits garment, you're supporting an Australian small business.



Looking for something unique and different? Then look no further than my fun and whimsical watercolour prints. Inspired by kids' love affair with food and the fun of getting to experience it with them them. I wanted to make prints that were funny, original and timeless. I hope you love them as much as I do.


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